May 8, 2018

The Ultimate Guide On Fridge Magnets Souvenirs

Interested to throw in fridge magnets into your marketing mix? 
Or gonna buy some fridge magnet souvenirs?
Well, fridge magnets are easy-to-take, practical as home decorations, and therefore, ideal for traveling souvenirs. Take some!
They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and may have promotional messages placed on them. When choosing them, learn about these tips here – the detailed guide on different types of fridge magnets. 

Part 1. Different Materials of Fridge Magnets

Part 2. Basic Craftsmanship of Fridge Magnets

Part 3. Creative Fridge Magnets

Part 4. Custom Magnets With Your Own Logos


Part 1. Different Materials of Fridge Magnets

First of all, you need you know that, a fridge magnet is made of magnet on the back to make it magnetic and a sticker on the surface with logos. The ferric oxide and a plastic or rubber binder are heated, mixed together, and poured into a sheet mold which is then exposed to a strong magnetic field.

Then, we talk about the stickers on magnets.
Many types of fridge magnet decorations can be found in the market. Generally speaking, they can be classified into the following types, as per their materials.
  • Metal Fridge Magnets
  • Soft PVC / Rubber Fridge Magnets
  • Tinplate / Tin Fridge Magnets
  • Epoxy Fridge Magnets
  • Foil Paper / Aluminium Fridge Magnets
  • Polyreisn Fridge Magnets
  • Ceramic Fridge Magnets
  • CD Plate Fridge Magnets

Part 2. Basic Craftsmanship of Fridge Magnets

The craftsmanship of different fridge magnets is complicated. Here I list three of the most widely used crafts - Color Filling, Printing and Engraving.
  • Color Filling

Enameling is one of the oldest surface treatments to make metal crafts appealing look. After filling colors, the colors can be bright, real and durable. Besides, this craftsmanship has the advantage - good adhesion to most metals. As a result, most metal fridge magnets can be enameled with beautiful colors.

  • Printing

Printing is the most widely used technology for fridge magnets of different materials, including paper printing, CMYK/Offset printing, screen printing, etc.

  • Engraving

Engraving is relatively more complicated. The handmade engraved magnets are really time-consuming. Therefore, the magnets you see in the market are mainly engraved by machines. To the fair, some of them are actually also sophisticated enough to amaze us.


Part 3. Creatitive Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are not only magnets! When choosing fridge magnet souvenirs, you can get some more useful items.
For example, some decorative refrigerator magnets are designed as bottle opener; some ones with thermometer; some others are funny enough & not-toxic as kids’ toys; still others, they can even be dinner bells.

Buy some creative magnets, and you’ll feel good every time you gonna open your refrigerator.

Part 4. Custom Fridge Magnets With Your Own Logo

Many fridge magnet manufacturers, say Logoson, offer custom logo service if needed. What you need to do is tell them your ideas about your preferred magnets, or just send them your artworks. Make your buildings into polyresin magnets, or take a picture of your family and then ask them to print on magnets…Have a try!

Customize Souvenirs

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